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Missions in Myanmar

Kalaymo, Myanmar (Burma) - Faith Theological College Graduation Class of 2014.

My Calling to the Burmese People Part I –  Dr. HL Champion After two years of intercessory prayer from Samuel Lian a Burmese pastor in Kalamyo, Myanmar with his small church and college their request was granted from God. After being friended on Facebook from this insidiousness and persistent man of God, Pastor Lian rallied his prayer troupes every week…

Does John 6 Establish The Catholic Mass?


By Robert J. Thomas;  Director of Calvary Ministries to Catholics As we begin this study let me first state that part of our ministry is to examine the doctrinal differences between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity by comparing official Catholic doctrines with the clear teachings of the Bible. The world needs to know that the majority…

Reportedly Tortured, Shot Through The Heart…..

Christians await ‘fate’ in Muslim nation

….and His Body Mutilated; Missionary-Pastor Martyred in West Africa By Michael Ireland | Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service GUINEA, WEST AFRICA (ANS) — Missionary-pastor Michel Loua, 47, of Jacksonville, Texas, was executed on Sunday night, Nov. 14, in a prison in Guinea, West Africa. Church leaders are calling his death a…