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Obama, Liberalism, and Black Christians

Image by Michael Thompson, lens2nature.com

Written by: WALTERM | January 27, 2012 I continue to be amazed at the ignorance and neglect of philosophy, history and the Constitution that I encounter in most discussions with liberals. Liberals, who are by no means lacking in intellect, seem to have no philosophical moorings, and no desire to learn from history. Their arguments are…

Thousands Learn to Defend Christian Faith, Understand Obama

(Photo: The Christian Post) Some 2,000 people attend the National Conference on Christian Apologetics at Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C., Oct. 15-16, 2010.

Mon, Oct. 18 2010 08:59 AM EDT | By Lillian Kwon | Christian Post Reporter CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Some 2,000 people from around the world convened at a Charlotte megachurch over the weekend to hear renowned apologists defend the Christian faith. While the National Conference on Christian Apologetics addressed the usual topics of intelligent design,…