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Tim Tebow Bows Out To First Baptist Dallas


Christians of similar platforms often conflict politically. Such was the case of Tim Tebow and Robert Jeffress.  Baptist.org commends both parties for their respective convictions on issues facing those who are believers in the Holy Bible.  Tim Tebow has the sports world as a virtual congregation to present the basic truth of Jesus Christ as Saviour to…

Southern Baptist Congregation at Center of Church-State Dispute


CANTON, Ga. (ABP) — A Southern Baptist megachurch is at the center of a potential legal battle over the constitutionality of public schools holding graduation exercises in a church building. The Cherokee County Board of Education voted Dec. 2 to table for one month a vote on whether to move the county’s high-school graduation ceremonies…

N.C. Baptist Newspaper Editor Resigns Amid Defunding Threat (updated)


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (ABP) – The editor of North Carolina Baptists’ newspaper has agreed to resign his post to prevent a threatened motion to defund the publication from being made at the upcoming Baptist State Convention of North Carolina annual meeting. Norman Jameson offered to resign his post at the Biblical Recorder prior to a regularly scheduled board…