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Presbyterian Church USA Validate Homosexual Pastors


Editor Comments  – By Dr H.L Champion One by one Church groups are manipulated by social trends of sexual perversion. The Presbyterian USA Denomination has for decades shifted to the  far left of Biblical guidelines and sensible morality. This Associated Press release is uncut and does not fully represent the positions of Baptist.Org. It is…

Missions in Myanmar

Kalaymo, Myanmar (Burma) - Faith Theological College Graduation Class of 2014.

My Calling to the Burmese People Part I –  Dr. HL Champion After two years of intercessory prayer from Samuel Lian a Burmese pastor in Kalamyo, Myanmar with his small church and college their request was granted from God. After being friended on Facebook from this insidiousness and persistent man of God, Pastor Lian rallied his prayer troupes every week…

House Landmark Vote, OKs Ban – Late bortions; Senate, White House rebuff likely

The Washington bureau chief for Baptist Press, Tom Strode, gives an excellent review of this moral act from the House of Representatives. Pray that Americans will regain their sanity about sanctity of life. Rep. Trent Franks, R.-Ariz is to be commended as a faithful Christian, and member of the North Phoenix Baptist Church. In this article…

Scouts Proposes Gay Youth Not Gay Leaders

Baptists are holding to their traditional Bible Beliefs and are encouraging BSA to hold true.

Michael Foust of Baptist Press does a good job in presenting the true imbalance of those opposing Boy Scouts being expanded to Gay Scouts!  However, while the nation’s attention was turned to Boston on Friday morning, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it intends to end its ban on gay members, as long as its…

Is Water Baptism The One Baptism in Ephesians 4:5


The Many Baptisms and the One Baptism – Prepared by Pastor H.L. Champion ( Keep returning to this presentation in its unfolding development ) Entry # 1 Baptism is not an Aquatic Term! This Bible word is not restricted to H2O. It is a simple thing to discover with just the slightest bit of Bible Study….