Scripture Reading, Daily Schedule, Balanced Diet!

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Just as one would not eat only meat, only veggies or only honey; one must use the scriptures wisely.  A balance between the harder to digest meat and the quicker energy honey, offset by the break down of the fiber rich foods is healthiest.

Here is a plan that would give a balanced diet:
Morning reading:  New Testament.  A good order for a new beginner would be John, then Paul’s writings (Romans through Philemon).
A more knowledgeable student could begin with Paul.  After completing Paul’s letters go to Acts, followed by Hebrews through Revelations.  20 minutes in the morning for this first reading (more is always allowed).
Mid-morning: Proverbs or Psalms.  10 minutes of either or a mixture.
Lunch: This is a good time to read the gospels. 10 minutes.
Evening: Old Testament. Start at Genesis- 2 Kings.  After that the major prophets.  Next the Chronicles through Job.  Lastly the minor prophets. 20 minutes.
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