Congratulations America, Left-Wing Media Didn’t Convince The Majority of You….


Within minutes of a major tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, the Left Wing Media wound up it’s gears to a full steam ahead presentation of the “facts”, oiled with speculation, and greased with blame.  The Left’s list of responsible parties becomes a who’s who of Conservative circles leaders, including Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Using rhetoric to explain the event as a right wing gun attack on a sitting Congresswoman, incited of course, by the “right wing”, the Left Wing Media portrays America’s right, as the cause for this horrendous event.  Americans did not buy their interpretation of the events that happened.  In fact, 6 out of 10 did not even believe what the Left Wing Media had materialized so quickly as fact according to a CBS poll.  Americans have denied the Main Stream Media victory in defining the terms of this event.  Congratulations to those who have retained their common sense, which includes the majority of Americans caught up in the blizzard of Media distortion.

The real surprise is the now infamous Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona.  The actions of this Sheriff are reprehensible, making his actions the only actual Political response to the whole affair.  While the sheriff drones on, the Left Wing Media has given a pedestal for him to rant and rave, obviously still bitter over the losses of the 2010 campaign.  Here is an agent of the law, creating motive out of thin air, just as a tale spinner would around a campfire in some desolate woods.  Assigning blame to his pre-determined guilty, while relinquishing the actual guilty to suffering from rightwingitus, is this sheriffs crime of a cover-up.  America can clearly see when the facts have been presented, that this sheriff had problems and complaints with this individual prior to Saturday, January 8, 2011.

Just a review of some of the facts the Left Wing Media has bent over backwards to cover-up:

Of course Jared Loughner killed 6 people, and a 7th life, hangs in the balance, and those with common sense can recognize this.  You would wonder why The Left Wing Media can’t recognize a crime.  There is video, there is a series of facts, yet they want to assign blame to an idea.  Isn’t that like the Liberal Left, to deny an individual their responsibility, and find an alternate to take the blame?  Not only taking the blame, but crucifying them with it.  With this kind of repetitive response across the Left spectrum, you can easily imagine what Jesus felt like being betrayed by Judas and receiving a sentence to die on the cross.  If we were living in Jesus’ Jerusalem, today’s media could easily find a place among the masses of Roman citizens that cried out for Jesus to be crucified.

Baptist.Org wants to share their deep felt sympathies with the families of the victims including:

  • The Greene family,  Christina Taylor Greene – 9-year-old
  • The Roll, family, Judge John Roll – 63 year old
  • The Zimmeman family, Gabe Zimmeman – 30-year-old, director of community outreach for Gifford’s office
  • The Morris family, Dorthy Morris – 76-year-old
  • The Stoddard family, Dorwin Stoddard – 76-year-old
  • The Schneck family, Phyllis Schneck – 79-year-old

We continue to offer prayer for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as she is in recovery, and ask God to heal her wounds, and return her mental functionality to whole. According to The New York Times Giffords read the First Amendment[1] on the floor of the House of Representatives.  This may have been Gifford’s last greatest accomplishment in Congress, participating in the reading of the Constitution. She has served in Congress since January 2007, is married to Commander Mark E. Kelly, a NASA astronaut, based in Houston, and is an Arizona native and a graduate of Cornell University.

[1]Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Sarah Palin has responded to the personal attacks with her own video.  The Left Wing can take some pointers from her, even though we all know they are too pious to even think of such a thing…..

Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength” from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

5 Responses to Congratulations America, Left-Wing Media Didn’t Convince The Majority of You….
  1. Miracle
    January 13, 2011 | 8:01 pm

    While it was not the intention of the left wing fanatics to make our resolve even much stronger and greater in our efforts to prevent evil in our country and outside of our country, they have. We will not keep silent no matter what they may throw our way, They are running scared now and will do and say anything, even vile and base. If they did not feel intimidated and threatened they would not do so. Thanks for the fine article.

    • Admin
      January 13, 2011 | 11:50 pm

      Thank you Miracle. We appreciate you reading and commenting on the article. Americans have to now be attentive to all of the media manipulation that takes place every day. There is no choice but to be vigilant. The Left-Wing Media has really been exposed for their unmistakable bias. Thank God more Americans are awake to this!!

  2. Jack
    January 16, 2011 | 8:25 am

    You are lost in your shallow Republican mind. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. The fact you like Sarah Palin really tells me how stupid you really are. Your whole life is based on your belief in the Republican frame of mind. By not admitting what people like Glenn Beck does, is a shame. Beck focuses on people that do things like this idiot did. Beck makes money by inciting people that will do things Loughner did. Beck’s ratings sky rocket and he loves it. Palin and Limbaugh feed off of idiots like you and the rest of the far right. Buy their books, listen on the radio and watch them on TV and all you get is pure lies and hatred. That is why this world will never be better with people like you.

    • Admin
      January 16, 2011 | 1:10 pm

      Jack, You have such a beautiful family. Lets hope the kids and grandchildren don’t have to grow up speaking Chinese. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)

  3. Jaston
    January 20, 2011 | 8:46 am

    This man had mental problems and needs to be placed away in a ward…he is sick and should never be free in society again. Politics should not be used to blame all the negative or positive acts that happen in day to day society. I know Christians who are democrat and ones that are republican and even though they disagree on some topics they respect each other’s opinions and don’t pass judgment on each other.

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