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Saved By the Blood of the Crucified One

I was born in Huntington, West Virginia on May 1, 1969. My parents divorced when I was about 2 years old. I lived with my saved, Baptist mother and had visitation with my lost, Catholic father on weekends. My mother took me to church as a child and had devotions with me in our home. She sent me to AWANA and vacation Bible schools, as well. So I grew up around the gospel and the word of God. I made a profession of faith at the age of 9 and followed this by being baptized by immersion in a local, independent, Baptist church in Huntington.

However, i was not saved. I did not understand what I had done, I was simply do as others were doing when the invitation was offered. My teen years were spent in rebellion, as I hung out with the wrong crowd and did many wrong things. In 1988, I joined the Navy. After completing boot camp and my first service school, I was stationed in Beaufort, SC. I began to attend Calvary Baptist Church. Under the preaching of Pastor Karl Baker, I came under conviction about sin, righteousness, and judgment to come.

Pastor Baker preached repentance towards God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and placed my faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ alone to save my wretched soul. I was at that point born again by the grace of God and my sins were washed away. This was in September of 1988 (I do not know the exact date). Afterwards, I was re-baptized as a symbol of my faith and began my new life as a child of God. That was nearly 23 years ago and it remains the single most important decision that I have ever made in my life.

Name: John D. Howe, Th.D.

Association: Independent Baptist

City: Emeralds Isle

State: North Carolina

Country: United States

God Knocked My Heart With Romans 10:17

God Knocked My Heart With Romans 10:17

I was born in a nominal Christian family on 11th Aug, 1959. My parents, Samson (father) and Suvarna Bai (mother) have worked in Canadian Baptist Missionary Primary School for 35 years under The Management of Southern Indian Baptist Churches. Till my age of 20th, I have not an idea about the repentance and the faith. The First, my mother has transformed in our family in 1978, then my father also.

In 1980, I have attended a youth retreat for College students in Noble Christian College, Machilipatnam, the city is at the beach of Bay of Bengal. In that retreat, God has knocked my heart with Rom 10:17 to give me the faith on The Word of God. At that movement, I have decided to hear The Word of God and to read The Word of God daily as my custom to be a perfect and a strong man of God.

On 14th January 1981, I took baptism. I have worked as Sunday School Teacher for 4 years in our church.

On 25th Oct, 1989, our God has given me a job as Primary School Teacher in C. B. M. Primary School.

On 2nd Nov 1990, God has given me my life partner (wife) who has been working as a teacher in Canadian Baptist Missionary Primary School, Kadavakollu village since 1990 who is a daughter of a Pastor of Baptist Churches.  On 9th May 1992, God has given us His first gift (Ps 127:3) as our daughter who is studying B.Tech 2nd year now.  And, on 9th Sep 1994, again our God has given us two more daughters (twins) as His second gifts. Now, they are first Inter course.

I have completed B.Th., in 1999 & have completed M.Th also in 2000 in The Bible Open University, Vishakapatnam, A. P., India.  We have started The Gideons International in India in 2005. We distribute Bibles among high school students, college students, patients in hospitals, jails, Naval and army areas by free of cost to win so many souls for Christ.

And, I am an Executive Member of Viva India for children. This ministry has been working among slum and poor children families by giving needful things for their better living.  Now, we have 10 more churches in our area. Mainly, these Churches are situated in Rural Parts of our surrounding districts.  As my secular education, I have completed B.Sc., (in 1981),B.Ed.,( in 1986) M.A.,( in 1991), M.Ed.,(in 1992).

Our weekly schedule:

Sunday : Sunday School Service at our School from 8AM to 9AM

Worship Service at Vuyyuru Church from 9.15AM to 10.30AM

Sunday School Service at Kolavennu Church from 10.45AM to


Worship Service at same Church from 11.45AM to 1.30PM

Worship Service at Mudirajupalem Church from 2PM to 3.30PM

Sunday School Service at New Tribal Colony, Thotlavalluru from

4PM to 5PM

The Prayer Meeting of our Gideon Ministry from 6PM to 8.30PM

Monday: Prayer Fellowship at everyone of our Church Members Houses from

6PM to 9PM

Tuesday: Gospel Program in surrounding villages from 5PM to 8.30PM

Wednesday: Bible Study at Kankipadu Church from 7PM to 9PM

Thursday: Bible Study at Poranki Church from 7PM to 8.30PM

Friday: Preaching The Gospel among Hindu people from 6PM to 8PM

Saturday: Pasting Prayers from 7PM to 10PM at Kadavakollu Church

Please remember our School Children in your daily prayers. Because, they belong to Hindu backround.  Please pray for our children and our ministries in our India.

Name: Navajeevana Kumar

Association: Independent Baptist

City: Kadavakollu Village

State: N/A

Country: India

Saved at Eight; Serving Jesus Ever Since

Saved at Eight; Serving Jesus Ever Since

I would be happy to share with you how I got saved! I will never forget what happened on that Sunday night, February 16, 1964. My pastor, Robert L. Humphreys, had scheduled an evangelistic meeting with a 29-year-old preacher from Evansville, Indiana, named Billy Kellough. After he preached on that Sunday night, a little eight-year-old boy named Danny Parton walked an aisle and was led to Christ by a deacon named Ben Conrad. I remember it like it was yesterday. Praise the Lord!

Name: Dan Parton

Association: Independent Baptist

City: Manitou Springs

State: Colorado

Country: United States

In Awe of Him

In Awe of Him

God has never ceased to amaze me. Even as a child I was fascinated by Him. At six years old I was bright but just as impatient as any other six year old. I had to go to church everyday after school because my mom worked there. It was long and boring and I had to be there all day everyday. So I grew to hate church. But one thing I did like about going to church was Sunday school. The lesson were always interesting and understandable. It was amazing to here about this God who loved me and could do all these wonderful things. But was really great to me was when I would hear stories about Jesus. I just wanted to know more and more about this man that could do all these miracles and special things that nobody else could do, and still be nice to people that said he was a liar and a fake. But what shocked me the most was when the people he loved and walked with were the some of the same people that wanted him to die. Finding out they killed him even though he did nothing wrong disturbed me. Knowing that he gave up his life for them and me was unfathomable, but that wasn’t even the most amazing thing. When I found out he rose from the dead, I was sold. I knew that was impossible, but this man named Jesus had did it. Even though I was so young I understood I had done wrong before, and knowing he did that for me, I had to find out what I could do for him. That was when I had given my life to Christ.

Name: Andre’ McHenry

Association: American Baptist

City: Carrolton

State: Georgia

Country: United States