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Saved By the Blood of the Crucified One

I was born in Huntington, West Virginia on May 1, 1969. My parents divorced when I was about 2 years old. I lived with my saved, Baptist mother and had visitation with my lost, Catholic father on weekends. My mother took me to church as a child and had devotions with me in our home….

God Knocked My Heart With Romans 10:17


I was born in a nominal Christian family on 11th Aug, 1959. My parents, Samson (father) and Suvarna Bai (mother) have worked in Canadian Baptist Missionary Primary School for 35 years under The Management of Southern Indian Baptist Churches. Till my age of 20th, I have not an idea about the repentance and the faith….

Saved at Eight; Serving Jesus Ever Since


I would be happy to share with you how I got saved! I will never forget what happened on that Sunday night, February 16, 1964. My pastor, Robert L. Humphreys, had scheduled an evangelistic meeting with a 29-year-old preacher from Evansville, Indiana, named Billy Kellough. After he preached on that Sunday night, a little eight-year-old…

In Awe of Him


God has never ceased to amaze me. Even as a child I was fascinated by Him. At six years old I was bright but just as impatient as any other six year old. I had to go to church everyday after school because my mom worked there. It was long and boring and I had…

Didn’t go looking for Jesus that day, but Praise God Jesus came looking for me!!!!

Mike Pate

Born to my Mother and Earthly Dad in Jan. 1967, as a 17yr. old boy I was Born again to my Heavenly Father Dec. 1984 at First Baptist Church of Mineral Springs NC Pastor Terry Preslar preaching! I pulled up into the Church yard listening to Ozzy O. singing his trash, I didn’t go there…

A Soldier of Christ


I grew up in Detroit, Mi and attended various churches and even spent my last three High School years in a Catholic school. I was not following the Lord. I joined the Army and wandered from the Lord. I even teased a young Christian man for trying to live a righteous life and not going…

After Hearing of This God, It Was an Easy Decision.


In the late 80’s through the late 90’s, my two partners and I owned a chain of Comic Book Stores in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. Our second shop was in a walk down below street level space, with a used book shop on the street above it. There was a mini-series on TV at…

Christ Had Done It All for Me and I Had to Only Believe


I was born into a Catholic home. I was baptized into the Catholic faith as a baby. I attended Catholic grade school. My mom and dad were poor and therefore I had to go to public high school because they did not have the money to send me to Catholic high school. I went to…

“Don’t worry, Jesus will make it real!”

Jesus knocking02.jpg

In 1957 I ran out of my back door from having a fight with my dad. While in a rage, as a 13 year old son of parents who were Deaf, I experienced hatred for being born to them. I looked up and saw the stars in the sky. I knew the God of the…