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Chinese Cultural Obstacles and Coming To Christ


One day I was on the bus going to teach English.  We made a left hand turn and suddenly there in the middle of the road was a dead body.  You could tell she was a DOT street sweeper by her uniform and large bamboo broom laying near by.  To my surprise, a fellow DOT…

China is Full of Chinese People, Right?


Wrong!  When I first starting serving the Lord in China I too thought China was full of Chinese people.  This is true for a large part of the population, but, the Chinese government recognizes 55 ethnic minority groups and Paul Hathaway in Operation China documents over 450 ethnic minorities. When we see pictures of the…

The Year of the Rabbit, Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year (known as Spring Festival in China) begins with the new moon on the first day of the new year and ends with the full moon 15 days later.  That’s right, Chinese New Year is a 15 day holiday!  The Chinese calendar is based on lunar as well as solar movements.  New Year’s…

China, Planning A Trip to the Middle Kingdom


There seems to be an attraction with China these days.  The news often reports on it’s economic boom, it’s sprawling cities and on occasion it’s environmental problems.  In high schools across the USA the Chinese language is now offered along side the traditional Spanish and French classes.  What is the hype all about?  Well, my…

Going Native


“Let us in everything not sinful, become like the Chinese, that by all means we may save some.” – Hudson Taylor Hudson Taylor was beyond most of the missionaries of his day.  It was common for missionaries to build themselves a little compound surrounded by walls and to invite locals in and adopt English ways.  In the…

God in the Chinese Written Characters, Part 2


December 16, 2010 | Da Yong – In the first article we examined five Chinese characters, their makeup and their meaning. We concluded that it is not coincidence that these five Chinese characters match-up with the historical accounts that we read about in Genesis. It is fascinating and exciting to see that even in a…

God In The Chinese Written Characters, Part 1


December 7, 2010 | Da Yong — God is present even in countries that officially deny His existence. Through nature God reveals Himself to us all, Romans 1, Ps. 19. He often reveals Himself in other ways as well. The written language of China is one of the oldest continually used systems the world has….

Little-Known Facts About Missions and China


November 29, 2010 | Da Yong — Many of us have a lot of misunderstandings about missions work in China let alone China itself.  We probably all think of Hudson Taylor when we hear China and Missions.  But, what about these facts, do you know that… The first recorded missionary to China was a man…

The Trials of the Third Church of China


November 4, 2010 | Da Yong – Little to no knowledge of the Bible The growth explosion in the Third Church of China is causing a great deal of stress and trials.  Even though the TC is made up of intellectuals there is a great void in solid biblical teaching.  Remember that China has been essentially a…

The Third Church of China


Da Yong | October 28, 2010 Many of us are familiar with the “House Church” and the “3-Self Church” of China. But, what is the “Third Church” of China? In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of university graduates in China. China labels university graduates “intellectuals”. The exploding population of…