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Dr. H.L. Champion, Editor - The following article from The London Times Newspaper is another reminder of how intolerant Islam continues to be toward anyone with opposing views. It would be good for those who are of this mindset living here in America to remember their faulty heritage.  While courts in other Islamic countries do not have legislative blasphemy laws as does Pakistan, it is evident that Muslims in general will not tolerate any distain toward their founding leader. The followers of Christ are diametrically opposite.
Islamic followers here in America have the same principles as does their foreign counterparts. We wonder and wait to see if they will protest this sentence in their publications and exhortations. We will not hold our breaths.

Let us pray for this Christian to be freed from this charge. And pray for the government to deal with the community response to this unjust charge.      -                                                               

Twenty Six year old Sawan Masih, who is father of three children, was convicted of uttering the insult during a conversation with a Muslim friend. A mob then burned two churches and dozens of Christian homes in the eastern Pakistani city.

Pakistani sentanced deathThe Times newspaper says that if this sentence is carried out, it will be the first execution under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Masih maintains that he was falsely accused as part of a plot by Muslim businessmen to clear Christians from their Lahore neighbourhood and turn the area into a profitable industrial estate. He is expected to appeal against the ruling.

Pakistan has become infamous in recent years for mob violence and vigilantism in response to any perceived insult to Islam or the Prophet Mohammed.

Such is the stigma against anyone accused of blasphemy that the family of a Christian girl falsely accused of burning pages of the Koran was forced to leave the country, despite a Muslim cleric later being arrested for making the story up.

In 2011, the relatively liberal governor of Punjab was killed by his own body guard for suggesting the blasphemy law be repealed. A Christian politician who had also criticised the law was shot dead two months after.

Critics of the law say that it is often abused to settle personal disputes and that members of minority groups are especially vulnerable.

Pakistan is the only country where the punishment for blasphemy is death or life imprisonment.

Pakistani sentanced death02A Christian man has been sentenced to death for blasphemy by a Pakistani court  in a case that triggered rioting in a Christian neighbourhood of the eastern  city of Lahore last year.

Sawan Masih was convicted of insulting the Prophet Muhammad during a  conversation with a Muslim friend. A Muslim mob burnt dozens of Christian  homes and set fire to two churches in Joseph Colony in retaliation for  alleged insults.


Missions in Myanmar

by Dr. HL Champion on February 27, 2014

My Calling to the Burmese People Part I –  Dr. HL Champion

After two years of intercessory prayer from Samuel Lian a Burmese pastor in Kalamyo, Myanmar with his small church and college their request was granted from God. After being friended on Facebook from this insidiousness and persistent man of God, Pastor Lian rallied his prayer troupes every week in prayer for me to come and minister among his people.

After several exchanges of prayer emergences on both parts, his and mine. We grew to become true Pastor Friends. Yes, may online requests are made from third world preachers of the Gospel for those who have to come and minister to them who have little of this world’s goods. Many in other lands are fraudulent as the ministry of Christ is merchandised to receive funds mainly for the use of the ministry leader. Such as it is in America.

But, great numbers are legitimate. While many invitations come to most of the ministers on Facebook to ”come and see”.    This short page introduces to you a vast mission field so unlike other third world countries and the mission strategies of so many Christian groups. Bible Believing preachers of the Gospel have used the boarders surrounding Myanmar to cross over and provide a semi-underground evangelism. It is to the Glory of God for all that has happened in this manner.

God has allowed me to come into this Mission field directly as an American Independent Baptist by invitation which is developing into  life calling for the rest of my days! Blessings on you who follow Burmese Missions.

If you wish to participate with World Missions in any form or field contact Dr Champion at [email protected]



Please pray for the The Cretzman Family. According to post from around facebook their 3 year old daughter died last night in an auto accident. The Cretzman Family are on duputation to be missionaries to Cuba. Please check out their website and leave a comment of support http://cretzmanstocuba.com/

From the website of  John And Wanda Casias Missionaries to Mexico -  http://www.casias.org
“On Janury 31st 2012 John and Wanda graduated to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as their lives were suddenly taken in a home invasion.

Thank you all for your prayers and your continued support for the Ministry they started 29 years ago in The Republic of Mexico. Their love for the Mexican people and the burden they had for winning souls to the Lord will always be remembered.”

"Faithful unto death"

We at Baptist.org grieve with family, friends and congregation there in Santiago, Mexico. We remember the word of the Lord about those who are killed in the midst of service to Christ,”

Rev 14:13 ”And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. “

 The bodies of John and Wanda Casias came one last time to the Baptist church they founded in a violence-plagued region of northern Mexico as mourners paid homage Thursday to the Texas couple who were discovered strangled in their home.

More than a dozen mourners passed to view the open caskets, one an American who came from Texas because John Casias officiated at his wedding. He did not want to give his name for security reasons.

Shawn Casias said he discovered the body of his mother at about 4 p.m. Tuesday when he went to their home in the town of Santiago to pick up a trailer.

He said she was lying on the floor with an electrical cord around her neck and a gash from a blunt object on her head.

The house had been ransacked and was missing a couple of computers, a plasma television and a safe that had been chiseled out of the wall.

The couple’s Chevrolet Suburban was also missing, and Casias said he initially thought his father had been kidnapped.

But about four or five hours later, he said, a forensic investigator informed him that the body of his father had been found in a storage room of a small building on the property. His father also had an electrical cord around his neck.

John and Wanda Casias were originally from Amarillo, Texas, but relatives said they moved to an area outside the city of Monterrey in 1983 and later founded the First Fundamentalist Independent Baptist Church.

Fighting between the Zetas and Gulf drug cartels has brought a surge of violence and other crimes to Monterrey and the surrounding region since 2010. In poorer suburbs, entire blocks have been held up by gunmen and young people snatched off the streets.

Another son, John Casias, said his parents had devoted 29 years of their lives to their ministry in Mexico and spent each day in prayer and saving souls.

They were well aware of the violence around them and the risks, but were so secure in their faith that they did not fear it, he said.

They spent Christmas with him in San Diego, and Casias said he told them, “It’s getting kind of rough there” and offered to let them stay at his home for awhile. They refused.

“We were called to Mexico,” Casias said his mother told him. “These are our people.”

Casias said he hoped the bodies would return to the U.S. later Thursday. He was organizing a service to be held at their home church in Lewisville, Texas.

Shawn Casias said a sister-in-law in Dallas had spoken to their mother around 11 a.m. Tuesday and everything was fine. So he believes there was about a five-hour window when the killings could have occurred before he showed up.

He said the killers did not take everything they could have, leaving two of the three TV sets. He said perhaps they were warned that he was coming, because anyone watching the winding road approaching the home could have alerted them.

“They’re scum. They’re not sophisticated,” he said.

Speaking from his parents’ home, about 95 miles (150 kilometers) southwest of the Texas border, Casias said the house was burglarized two years ago when the couple were on one of their periodic visits to the United States to talk at churches about their work in Mexico.

“We’re convinced that it’s somebody he knew,” Casias said of the killers. He said authorities had some leads based on people seen around the home.

John Casias was 76. He had recently priced a knee replacement because he couldn’t walk more than 100 yards (100 meters) without having to sit down, Shawn Casias said. Wanda Casias was 67.

Casias said his parents held services and prayer meetings at a church about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from their home.

The couple maintained a website, http://www.casias.org , with details of their lives and their missionary work

“The only hope for the Mexican people today is Jesus in them, the HOPE of glory,” they wrote in one dispatch from last summer. “I confess that it’s getting easier to witness to the wealthy, at least they are listening. The wealthy are fleeing to Canada and the USA for protection. The only problem is that when they return to renew their visas the cartel is waiting, and either kill them of (sic) kidnap them for thousands of dollars, in some cases millions. The cartel has NO mercy or value for life. They are ruthless murderers!”

It was the second slaying involving American missionaries in a year in the Mexican region bordering Texas.

In January 2011, a Texas couple who had been doing missionary work in Mexico for three decades were attacked at an illegal roadblock in one of the country’s most violent areas.

Nancy Davis, 59, was fatally shot in the head while her husband, Sam, sped away from suspected drug cartel gunmen who may have wanted to steal their pickup truck, authorities said.

The Davises were driving along the two-lane road that connects the city of San Fernando with the border city of Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders Nuevo Leon.

Information gathered from AP and Fox News

Missionaries to Mexico John & Wanda Casias Murdered

Details are still sketchy, but according to reports from facebook and twitter veteran missionaries to Mexico John & Wanda Casias were found murdered in what is thought to be a robbery of some kind most likely by the local cartel. The cartel in their area of Mexico has been very active in the robbery and murder of anyone who might appear to have financial means. Even according to the Casias’ latest newsletter things in this area have been really bad. Please be in prayer for the family at this time. Baptist.org thanks the Lord for the many years of service they provided spreading the Gospel to the people of Mexico. To learn more about the Casias’ visit their website http://casias.org/ and be sure to sign their guestbook with your condolences.

Can you imagine not being able to go to the store and buy ???, Resurrection Day, decorations?  How about not being able to tune into messages on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ during Passion Week on your radio?  How about not being able to go to the local Christian book store and buying a gift for your kids or wife for ???, Resurrection Day?  For the people of a city we will call D.D.  ???, Resurrection Day, is not even a thought in their heads during this season of rememberance of Christ’s Resurrection.  83% of the popualtion of D.D. has never heard the name Jesus.  An overwhelming percentage of the population is unaware of the hope, grace, mery and love that Jesus freely gives to all who beleive on Him.    The population of this city is over a million people and only 1.1% of the population are Believers.  This weekend we will celebrate the Risen Christ, yet, I am haunted by the tens of thousands of empty eyes that I have gazed into on the streets of China.  The Bible is clear about our responsibilities when it comes to the Great Commission.  You either GO and if you don’t GO you should SEND and if you are not doing either your are in direct disobedience to God and His word.  To go is the act of proceeding forward.  The opposite of go (proceed) is stop or retreat.  To send some one means that you enbale them to do so, a synonym to send is commission!  What is the meaning of disobedience?  It means refusal to comply, disregard.  This past week and coming weekend we ponder on, talk about and reflect of the sacrifice Jesus made in our behalf.  What sacrifice are you making in behalf of the lost?

In the past hour 30,000 people starved to death.

1,625 children were forced to live on the street

1,667 children died from disease or malnutrition

“So, count the cost, brothers and sisters this is not an invitation to an easy life, for 2,000 years, thousands and thousands of missionaries, the un-named, no biographies written about them, just un-named people of whom the world is not worthy have counted this cost and put their lives at risk and reached the lost with the only message of salvation…” John Piper

Knowing the Word of God and His Great Commission to the Church you must respond!  I end with a quote that is shown at the end of the video “Tears of the Saints?

“having seen all this you can choose to look the other way, but you cna never say again ‘I didn’t know’”

William Wilberforce

Mark Champion

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is in the hill country of the Zamorano Valley in San Francisco, Honduras. It is about one hour southeast of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the capitol. They house nearly 150 kids . There are 14 Tias, who are house moms. They take care of managing everyday activities in the different casitas, or little houses. There are also three couples who stay at the GSCH. With this many children, there are many opportunities to serve the GSCH through various projects. If you are a single person, a couple or a family with children, Her Passion would love to have you join us in meeting the needs of this orphanage. Be in prayer to know how to respond to the information below and become involved with the Kingdom work going on in Honduras.  Below, find a special message from Mark’s wife Julie, to their friends and supporters.

There are a few major initiatives HPm has committed to fulfilling to help GSCH be more efficient in the mission to their children. Here are the major initiatives:

  1. Casita Renovations
  2. Playground Upgrade
  3. Hot Water on Demand Coils for Laundry Machines
  4. Cafeteria/Food Storage area
  5. Recreation/Game Room
  6. Sidewalks between Casitas

Our commitment has been to help with 1, 2, 3, and 6. There are also a few other minor initiatives HPm will be addressing in the journeys to GSCH. Here are a few of the minor initiatives:

  1. Counseling Center outdoor concrete surface
  2. Painting projects
  3. Sports Camps
  4. Education Initiatives
  5. Outdoor Benches for the Casitas.
  6. Transitional Program for kids graduating from GSCH

As you can see, there is much to be done! We need you! We are looking for three different levels of support for the GSCH in Honduras. We are looking for prayer support, financial resources and human resources.

If you are interested in prayer support, please join us in praying for the teams of people who will be connecting with HPm to help GSCH. Please join us in praying for the projects ahead of us that the right team would organize with us and that the financial resources would be met for the individuals expenses and the project expenses.

If you are interested in financially resourcing a traveler or a project, please contact Mark Champion at [email protected]. If you are interested in the costs of each of the projects or the trips coming up, please contact Mark as well and he will send you information about the different expenses necessary to help GSCH.

If you are interested in being a human resource and would like to travel with us to GSCH on one of our scheduled journeys, please look at the following dates and check your calendar!

June 11-18, 2011 – Registration/Paperwork Deadline and 50% Deposit due on April 29, 2011.

September 10-17, 2011 – Registration/Paperwork Deadline and 50% Deposit due on July 29, 2011.

Late January, 2012

Mark Champion is also coordinating these journeys and will be able to provide you with the paperwork needed to register. If you have any questions, please contact Mark at [email protected].

Mark Champion   <><
Her Passion ministries
330 Franklin Road
Suite 135-A-409
Brentwood, TN 37027
Twitter: @marklchampion

Hi Everyone,

Several of you let us know that you were praying for us over the last few days.  That means so much – we felt your support.  Thank you.  We had an incredible time in Honduras!  Our trip getting there was interesting: hit some really bad weather on the way to Houston, delaying our landing about 40 minutes.  Mark and I had to SPRINT through the gigantic Houston airport to make it to our gate.  They were holding the plane for us, thank the Lord.  So we made it… barely.

Oh my goodness, those little ninos are so precious!!  I loved getting to hug on them and get to know them… even though I don’t speak any Spanish at all.  My biggest frustration was that I was so limited in my communication.  However, it was fun to try to piece together words with them and have them teach me some vocabulary.

Mark and I got to spend a lot of time with Kevin and Julie, who are Candice’s friends and the reason she is connected there.  They are an awesome couple.  We stayed in an empty casita, but ate all of our meals and spend most of our time at their house.  Kevin and Julie have 3 kids and 10 of the orphans live in their house with them.  Those kids are the ones we got to know the best.  They welcomed us well.  It was so neat for me and Mark to be in their environment.  While it was crazy and noisy the majority of the time, they showed us such a cool picture of family and community.  Everyone shared everything – very rarely heard “Hey, that’s MINE!!”.  Lots of love, wrestling matches, laughter, and playing.  Who wouldn’t love getting to ride a razor scooter through the house as a kid??

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is located in the Zamorano Valley in Honduras, near a little town named San Francisco (easy for me to remember!).  It was about an hour southeast of the capital.  It is beautiful there!  The orphanage is on about 70 acres and we got to tour pretty much the entire place, including the school that is on the grounds.  It was SO helpful for Kevin to walk us through everything.  We really got to know the campus and how things function there.  And the best thing – even though the amenities are simple and humble, the name of Jesus is being lifted high in that place.  The sweet tias and the 3 American missionary couples who run things really show the love of Christ to those kids who have heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect.  The kids are told about Jesus, taught to pray (and man, can they pray!) and taught to serve others.  We got to meet with 5 of the 7 missionaries there and got a great handle on what they need and how we can help.  I am so looking forward to going back and following up on our offers to help them.

Mark got to play soccer a few times with a bunch of the boys, which was SO fun for me to watch!  Of course, language barriers sort of disappear when a ball is the focus, so he really got to connect with some of those guys.  They loved him.  And I got to know some of the sweet girls too.  Couldn’t do all my normal question-asking, but we still had fun :-)

My school gets a mid-Winter break this week, so we are going to Ft. Lauderdale Thursday through Monday!  Which means, I’ll be out of pocket for a few more days, but will be excited to get together with as many of you as possible to catch up when we get back.

Mark and I are taking a team back to Honduras the week of June 11-18, 2011.  If you’re interested at all in coming with us, please pray about the opportunity.  I can give you more details if you let me know you’re interested.

I’m including a handful of my favorite pictures.  Mark put a few more up on Facebook, so feel free to check those out.

Thank you again so much for your support and encouragement to us.  We love you!

Julie and Mark

One day I was on the bus going to teach English.  We made a left hand turn and suddenly there in the middle of the road was a dead body.  You could tell she was a DOT street sweeper by her uniform and large bamboo broom laying near by.  To my surprise, a fellow DOT worker was just a few feet away sweeping the street as if the lifeless body was not even there.  There seemed to be no concern for the now dead co-worker, no compassion in his eyes, no sadness for the loss of a co-worker, he just went on like nothing was there, jut a pile of cells now void of life.  What  causes this type of reaction or behavior that is so cold to life and death?  I believe that there are several reasons for this kind of reaction or behavior to the death of a fellow human being.

Humanism is taught and has been taught for decades in schools and universities across China.  It has almost removed the God-consciousness in the hearts of the Chinese people.   Atheism is the State religion and has permeated every aspect of life from birth to death.  The knowledge of God has been so repressed and suppressed that it is common to hear Chinese people say I believe and trust only in myself when asked what do you believe in.  Because of the teachings of communism and evolution there is a great spiritual vacuum in China that has created a spiritual desert in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Two more obstacles are the misunderstanding of sin and the lack of forgiveness.  The Chinese strive to accomplish the impossible task of making themselves good.  They believe that man will do good because human nature is ultimately good.  Without the Bible the Chinese people misunderstand the truth about sin and how man is born with a sinful nature.  Mencius, a Chinese philosopher, taught this as well and it has deeply impacted the Chinese while communism re-enforced this idea that man is good.  The Chinese hold up endurance and tolerance as virtues, but, there is a drought and famine of forgiveness.  There is no forgiveness in the Chinese culture.  The Chinese are enslaved to bitterness, vengeance and hate.  There are deep wounds and scars on the souls of the Chinese people.

Chinese people suffer from a lack of fellowship founded on love.  My Chinese students often tell me they are lonely.  How can one be lonely in a country of 1.3 billion people?  Easy, when there is no true love (I Cor. 13) there is loneliness and emptiness in life.  They come from large families and communities, but, because of the past tragedies of their history, people are alone and afraid.

The last obstacle explains why I saw what I saw on the bus that day.  When I first went to China many years ago the one thing God used to get my attention and show me the desperate need the Chinese have for the Gospel was the hopelessness in the eyes of the people I saw.  Eyes that were filled with emptiness, hopelessness and fear.  In China you are not supposed to talk about death it is taboo to mention it.  For the Chinese death is greatly feared because it is the end of all that they know.  Life is over, nothing more and nothing else.  Unfortunately for them they are gravely mistaken.

Life does go on.  That is why the Gospel is so desperately needed in China.  The Gospel awakens the God-consciousness that has been suppressed (Rom.1:19).  The Gospel reveals the true nature of man and deals with the problem of sin clearly and decisively (Rom. 3;23-25, 6:23).  The healing power of Christ will bring freedom and forgiveness to the Chinese people.  God’s love, so amazing, so divine it demands my soul, my life and my all.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ so powerful that even in the midst of such spiritual darkness it will cut away all the lies and shine like the sun at midnight.

Da Yong
American serving the Lord in China
Contributor – Baptist.org

Featuring : Chinese Cultural Obstacles and Coming To Christ
email: [email protected]

Wrong!  When I first starting serving the Lord in China I too thought China was full of Chinese people.  This is true for a large part of the population, but, the Chinese government recognizes 55 ethnic minority groups and Paul Hathaway in Operation China documents over 450 ethnic minorities.

When we see pictures of the average Chinese person we are most likely seeing a person from the Han people group.  The Han are for sure in the majority, 92% of the population of China is Han.  In fact they make up about 20% of the entire population of planet earth!  The Han people consider themselves to be descendants of Yan Di (Yan Emperor)and Huang Di (Yellow Emperor).  The name Han comes from the dynasty that followed Qin.  Enough about the majority let’s talk about the ethnic minorities of China!

What does ethnic minority group actually mean?  Well, here is a definition for you: pertaining to or characteristic of a group of people that share common and distinct culture, religion and language.  These characteristics bind together a group of people into communities, tribes and villages.  They often are isolated because of where they live and go unchanged for hundreds of years.  The group often has a distinct style of dress, speaks a dialect, they have certain physical features, dances and customs practice at certain times of the year and much more.

Ethnic groups in China are often referred to as nationalities.  The Chinese word minzu  is used when translating the English words “people” or “nationality”.  Ethnic minorities are all Chinese citizen despite often being referred to as nations, the Chinese word minzu does not refer to a person citizenship.

Most of the Chinese ethnic groups are very similar to the Han Chinese in physical features, but, there are some that do not resemble Chinese in the least.  Take the Uyghur people of China.  They are a Turkic ethnic group living in the western part of the country.  If you were to meet some of them on the street or see them in pictures you would never consider them to be Chinese citizens.  You probably would think they were from Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.  They are all Muslims and would very much like to gain independence from China.

One of the saddest things about the Uyghurs is that at one point in their history to be Uyghur was to be a Believer in Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, Christianity just disappeared from Uyghur society for a few hundred years.  No one really knows why this occurred, but, it did and today to be Uyghur is to be Muslim.

China is a diverse country.  There are hundreds of cultures, thousands of dialects and millions of people who need to Lord!  Most of the Ethnic Groups of China are unreached and  85%-95% unevangelized.  The need of laborers is great because the harvest is plentiful.  A good friend of mine used to say before he passed away “not everyone is called to go, but, everyone should struggle with the possibility”.

Da Yong
American serving the Lord in China
Contributor – Baptist.org

Featuring : China is Full of Chinese People, Right?
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Chinese New Year (known as Spring Festival in China) begins with the new moon on the first day of the new year and ends with the full moon 15 days later.  That’s right, Chinese New Year is a 15 day holiday!  The Chinese calendar is based on lunar as well as solar movements.  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving.  The festival was traditionally highlighted by a religious ceremony honoring Heaven and Earth, household gods and family ancestors.  This holiday stresses the importance of family ties.  The Chinese New Year Eve dinner is among the most important family occasions of the entire year.

Spring Cleaning is the first step in preparing for Spring Festival.  Every corner of the house is swept clean which symbolizes a new beginning, out with the old in with the clean.  Spring couplets are step number 2.  Written in black ink on vertical sheets red paper, these Spring Couplets are placed on the left and right sides of entryways and connected by a horizontal one above the door or gate (interesting it is done with RED and only ever RED paper, Passover?).  These couplets are short poems wishing all who pass through the door or gate good fortune in the coming new year.

Red is the prevailing color during this holiday.  The spring couplets are written on red paper.  Red envelopes called Hong Bao filled with money are given to Children by aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers and grandparents.  Traditional Chinese knots tied with red rope are given to friends and displayed in the home.  New calendars are printed with red ink, greeting cards are drenched in red and people wear red shirts, sweaters, socks and under garments for good luck.

This year is the year of the Rabbit.  In the Chinese cycle of dating the years there are 12 animals that represent each year in the 12 year cycle.  The Chinese view time as cyclical as we here in the West view it as linear.  The 12 animals are: dog, dragon, horse, monkey,pig, ox rabbit, rat, rooster, sheep, snake and tiger.  People believe that if you are born in a certain year you will exhibit certain characteristics of these animals.  For example, people born in the year of the rabbit are articulate, talented, ambitious, trustworthy and reserved.  The Chinese will often plan to be married in certain years that are deemed better for marriage, they plan to have babies in certain years that are good for having children and they will not marry if their year/animal is known for not being compatible with the year/animal of a potential spouse.  There is quite a bit of superstition that goes along with the ”Chinese Zodiac”.

Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of Spring Festival.  It is the first full moon of the new year.  People all over China go outside and display all kinds of lanterns.  Another important part of Lantern festival is the eating of Xiao Yuan.  Xiao Yuan are small balls made of glutinous race flour.  The balls are filled with many different kinds of fillings that range from sweet to salty and rose petals to walnuts.

Even though there is a lot of superstitions wrapped up in the Chinese New Year, God still makes Himself known to the people of China.  How so you ask?  On every door, gate and window, in every home, on every greeting card you will find the Chinese Character Fu? .  This character is made up of four separate characters: God, one, man, garden.  When these four are combined they created a new character with a new meaning, which is blessing.  God with one man in the garden!

Happy Chinese New Year!  And may God continue to have mercy and grace on us!

Da Yong
American serving the Lord in China
Contributor – Baptist.org

Featuring : The Year of the Rabbit, Happy Chinese New Year!
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