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Presbyterian Church USA Validate Homosexual Pastors


Editor Comments  – By Dr H.L Champion One by one Church groups are manipulated by social trends of sexual perversion. The Presbyterian USA Denomination has for decades shifted to the  far left of Biblical guidelines and sensible morality. This Associated Press release is uncut and does not fully represent the positions of Baptist.Org. It is…

House Landmark Vote, OKs Ban – Late bortions; Senate, White House rebuff likely

The Washington bureau chief for Baptist Press, Tom Strode, gives an excellent review of this moral act from the House of Representatives. Pray that Americans will regain their sanity about sanctity of life. Rep. Trent Franks, R.-Ariz is to be commended as a faithful Christian, and member of the North Phoenix Baptist Church. In this article…

Scouts Proposes Gay Youth Not Gay Leaders

Baptists are holding to their traditional Bible Beliefs and are encouraging BSA to hold true.

Michael Foust of Baptist Press does a good job in presenting the true imbalance of those opposing Boy Scouts being expanded to Gay Scouts!  However, while the nation’s attention was turned to Boston on Friday morning, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it intends to end its ban on gay members, as long as its…

SBC Talk of Local Church Bylaws Add Marriage Statement

Simple Definition of Marriage

The homosexual political agenda has gained a momentum that may overwhelm Baptist churches. Most pastors are just attending to their congregational priorities without paying too much attention to the potential of law suits that could jeopardize local church autonomy as well as every member’s First Amendment  There is a lot of conversation among Southern Baptist leaders…

The Main Reasons People Leave a Church

Coming and Going

One of the dynamics of church growth is member retention. Keeping Christians engaged in attendance has become a task of entertainment for too many congregations. Discipleship according to the three facets of the Great Commission has become just a theory and not a practicum.  I am featuring this article to be one of many of those who…

Sheep Are People, Too (Unfortunately)


Darrell B. Harrison | Atlanta, Georgia | May 24, 2012 | As my own spiritual and political worldview has matured (hopefull) over the years, there remains one question, above all others I’ve encountered, which is so perplexing to me that, at times anyway, I find myself wanting to hurl myself headlong into the nearest brick wall. The question is this: Why…

Southern Baptist Deacon Responds to Black Pastors Supporting Obama’s Position on Same-Sex Marriage


Darrell B. Harrison | Atlanta, Georgia | May 15, 2012 | As I continue to study the reactions of black Christian pastors, and their congregants, to President Obama’s pronouncement earlier this month in support for same-sex marriage, I become more convinced of something I’ve feared for quite some time now – that within the “black church” there…

Obama, Liberalism, and Black Christians

Image by Michael Thompson,

Written by: WALTERM | January 27, 2012 I continue to be amazed at the ignorance and neglect of philosophy, history and the Constitution that I encounter in most discussions with liberals. Liberals, who are by no means lacking in intellect, seem to have no philosophical moorings, and no desire to learn from history. Their arguments are…

America: Death by ‘Intelligence,’ Rebirth by ‘Ignorance’


January 13, 2011 | From American Thinker | By Stuart Schwartz | Artist: C. Wyatt | Ignorance.  You gotta love it, because “ignorance” — as seen by elitists — is what will save the United States.  Washington needs citizens of average intelligence who can take back government, a horde of drooling dimwits — the kind…

Congratulations America, Left-Wing Media Didn’t Convince The Majority of You….


Within minutes of a major tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, the Left Wing Media wound up it’s gears to a full steam ahead presentation of the “facts”, oiled with speculation, and greased with blame.  The Left’s list of responsible parties becomes a who’s who of Conservative circles leaders, including Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh….