Men Like Hur Make Great Fathers

Dr. HL Champion Introduces – Jimmy Chapman, pastor of Victory Baptist Church Washington, GA

Jimmy Chapman 01 Although I have never met Jimmy Chapman his Father’s Day Sermon Outline is  excellent. He posts regularly on the Fundamental Baptist Sermon Outlines  group of Facebook. Hur and Aaron,  always reversed in the scriptures, is an  unknown hero of scriptures.


 There is a song about a boy named Sue and recently we have heard about a man  named Catilyn. Well this morning I want to preach on man name Hur.

EXODUS 17:8-13

 As the children of Israel journeyed toward the Promised Land, they are faced  with their first encounter with an enemy army. The Bible tells us that they came face to face with the armies of Amalek. The Amalekties were a nomadic tribe that were a thorn in the side of the people of Israel. In this first encounter, they prove their nature by conducting an unprovoked attack against the Israelites.

In this passage of scripture , we find the great leader Moses mentioned, along with Aaron, as well as the first mention Continue Reading



Jessie Duplantis Heaven01
“I went to Heaven” Jessie Duplantis

Dr. H.L. Champion Presents David Cloud  . . . .
The following is an excerpt from our new 317-page book “The Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement: Its History and Error,” available from Way of Life Literature.

Not only are there many Pentecostals who claim to have seen Jesus, some have even made trips to heaven.

Pentecostal evangelist John Lake claimed to have visited heaven. So did Percy Collett, Dudley Danielson, Marvin Ford, Aline Baxley, Kenneth Hagin, Sr., Benny Hinn, Roberts Lairdon, and many others.

In 1977 Richard Eby claimed that he died and went to heaven and he brought back the revelation that “the primary nerve in God’s cranium is the sense of smell.” He said that in heaven he could move anywhere at will and that he was visible yet transparent. Continue Reading

Why I am a Baptist – Special Order

Introduction by Dr. HL Champion – “I am encouraging as many of you that which to get a comprehensive doctrinal record of Bible Teaching principles take a reading on the following men of God. Then order as many of these booklets as you can for your members

.” Why BaptistWhat godly men are saying about Why Baptist?

In an age when “labels” such as Baptist and even church are considered unnecessary impediments to growth, it is refreshing and encouraging to read the book Why Baptist?. James Alter and Dolton Robertson have given us a clearly written, Scripturally sound, well reasoned treatise on the importance of our Biblical position and the value of our Baptist heritage.

– Dr. R. B. Ouellette, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Bridgeport, Michigan.

Why Baptist? is a compelling, challenging and inspiring book. Pastors Alter and Robertson have provided a resource that will help both the novice and the serious student. This book is a welcome addition to the resources available as it confronts falsehoods regarding our Baptist heritage by showing the truth. There is no doubt in my mind that any believer who is willing to invest the time to read this book will find it to be both profitable and encouraging.

– Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Vice President of West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California.

Why Baptist? is timely and essential to our multi-cultural, politically correct, spiritually shallow “church going” society, where anything goes and everything is accepted in the name of “Christianity.” The book moves quickly, is easy to read and filled with documentation for this ecumenical age. Every home will be inspired, encouraged, and grounded both historically and biblically by reading Why Baptist?.

– Dave McCracken, Evangelist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I am strongly recommending this book. Brother Alter and Brother Robertson have been used of God to put in writing what has been needed for a long time among we who call ourselves Baptists. So much of our heritage and doctrinal history has been lost or ignored. What our Baptist forefathers paid for with their lives has been compromised and neglected. Sadly, today, many are members of and rearing their children in a Baptist church, but do not know why they are Baptist. May God use this book to renew many in the truth of these values once so dearly held.

– Dr. Mickey Carter, Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church & President of Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida.

Why Baptist book for $19.95(plus shipping)

Purchase a case of 20 books for $240 (plus shipping)

Presbyterian Church USA Validate Homosexual Pastors

Presbyterian Church USA Validate Homosexual Pastors

Editor Comments  – By Dr H.L Champion

One by one Church groups are manipulated by social trends of sexual perversion. The Presbyterian USA Denomination has for decades shifted to the  far left of Biblical guidelines and sensible morality. This Associated Press release is uncut and does not fully represent the positions of Baptist.Org. It is just the news. The implications are numerous.

It goes without saying, “That it needs to be said”; America is going straight to hell in a church offering plate.  Good people in so many Church groups have supported the very antithesis of their beliefs. But, no more.

Associated Press, FileDr. Ray Whetstone, right, an ordained chuch elder at the Second Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, poses at the church with his long-time lover Wesley Pennington, the church worship director, on March 11, 1998. Whetstone, then 39, was facing a church trial initiated by another elder who was outraged that Second Presbyterian ordained the openly gay man.

PATRICK CONDON, Associated Press Writer

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Leaders of the Presbyterian church have voted to allow non-celibate gays in committed relationships to serve as clergy.

Thursday’s vote isn’t a final stamp of approval for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) or its more than 2 million members. But it’s a step that could make the church one of the most gay-friendly major Christian denominations in the country.

Delegates voted during the church’s general assembly in Minneapolis, with 53 percent approving the more liberal policy. A separate vote is expected later Thursday on whether to change the church’s definition of marriage from between “a man and a woman” to between “two people.”

But such changes would take effect only if approved by a majority of the church’s 173 regional presbyteries and its more than 2 million members.

The assembly voted two years ago to liberalize the gay clergy policy, but it died last year when 94 of the presbyteries voted against it.

Still, the proposed changes “have the potential to be historic,” said Cindy Bolbach, an elder at National Capital Presbytery in Washington and the assembly’s elected moderator.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is ranked the 10th-largest church in the U.S. with 2.8 million members, according to the National Council of Churches’ 2010 “Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.” But its own media materials tout 2.1 million members.

Earlier this week, both proposed constitutional changes were approved by assembly committees. The gay clergy change passed 36-16, and the definition of marriage cleared on a vote of 34-18.

“There are still big steps ahead, but I’m feeling better about this than I ever have before,” said the Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, the openly gay pastor of Janhus Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Some conservative-minded Presbyterians tried to rally opposition to the changes.

“Blurring or obscuring the clear teaching of God’s Word in order to keep in step with secular laws and changing personal morals only confuses our witness and causes innumerable problems for the future,” Presbyterians for Renewal, a group opposed to the changes, wrote on its website.

“Our church is divided and actions we take today at general assembly can split it even further,” Donna Rivett, an elder at the Presbytery of Tropical Florida, said during assembly debate on the gay clergy policy.

Under current church policy, Presbyterians are only eligible to become clergy, deacons or elders if they are married or celibate. The new policy would strike references to sexuality altogether in favor of candidates committed to “joyful submission to worship of Christ.”

A number of major Christian denominations have voted in recent years to allow non-celibate gays to serve as clergy if they are in committed relationships. Among them are the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the U.S. Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ.

“For the Presbyterian Church to stay current and enter the next generation, they really need to let go of this debate,” said the Rev. Cindi Love, executive director of SoulForce, a gay Christian group.

Love said she also believed that if the Presbyterians approve the redefinition of marriage, the church would become the largest U.S. Christian denomination to recognize marriage between same-sex couples.

A separate measure, which would also require regional ratification, would remove the threat of punishment for clergy who perform same-sex marriages in states that allow it.

June 10/2014 AP

Editor’s Post comments –
The Homosexual agenda is not to be accepted but to intrusive. There is no choice in the matter societally. If not included in all areas of church matters it will be considered a “Hate Crime”. That day is upon the Churches of our land, including Baptists.