Men Like Hur Make Great Fathers

Dr. HL Champion Introduces – Jimmy Chapman, pastor of Victory Baptist Church Washington, GA

Jimmy Chapman 01 Although I have never met Jimmy Chapman his Father’s Day Sermon Outline is  excellent. He posts regularly on the Fundamental Baptist Sermon Outlines  group of Facebook. Hur and Aaron,  always reversed in the scriptures, is an  unknown hero of scriptures.


 There is a song about a boy named Sue and recently we have heard about a man  named Catilyn. Well this morning I want to preach on man name Hur.

EXODUS 17:8-13

 As the children of Israel journeyed toward the Promised Land, they are faced  with their first encounter with an enemy army. The Bible tells us that they came face to face with the armies of Amalek. The Amalekties were a nomadic tribe that were a thorn in the side of the people of Israel. In this first encounter, they prove their nature by conducting an unprovoked attack against the Israelites.

In this passage of scripture , we find the great leader Moses mentioned, along with Aaron, as well as the first mention of the future leader Joshua. All of these men were great leaders in the history of Israel, and all three played a very important role in the early history of this great nation.

However, there is another man mentioned in these verses that deserves our attention: his name is Hur. This is a man who steps out of nowhere, does a great work, and then disappears into the same shadows from which he came.

People have looked to Moses and Joshua as great leaders and as role models and justly so. Both men are true heroes of the faith. However, I would like to say that the real heroes of this particular story are Aaron and Hur.

When Moses hands were held up, as a sign of intercession, Israel prevailed in the battle. When Moses’ hands were allowed to fall down, Amalek prevailed. After a while, Moses became weary with holding his hand up in prayer, but Aaron and Hur stepped up and held Moses’ hands up until the battle was finished.

In my mind, they are the true heroes. However, one of these two stand out more to me in my mind. That man is Hur.moses_aaron_hur  Here is a man about whom we know next to nothing, yet he enabled an  entire nation to see a great victory that day.

I want to pay tribute to the man named Hur. I think we need some fathers  who are willing to be like Hur. He was a father as Exodus 31:2 tells us,  and we will look at in a few minutes.

I want to honor and pay tribute to all those men and fathers who are  willing to take to go unnoticed and underappreciated. Hur was a minor  character in the Old Testament that played a major role. He was a man  who made a great father.

Our nation needs men and fathers like Hur; our churches need men and fathers like Hur. Men like Hur make great fathers.

Allow me to share with you four characteristics of this man named Hur that made him so very special.


In this story, Moses is weary with holding his hands up, and when they fall, the Amalekites begin to win the battle. However, Aaron and Hur step forth and hold the hands of Moses up until the battle is won.

The task Hur accomplished that day doesn’t sound like a lot to you and I; however, had it not been for the work of Hur, Moses would not have had the strength to do his job, and Joshua would never have been able to lead Israel to victory in the battle in the valley.

To me, Aaron and Hur are the heroes of this conflict. Had they not been there, the battle would have ben lost, and Israel would have been defeated! The job they performed was absolutely invaluable!

May I say that things haven’t changed? In the church, there are still some men like Moses, Aaron, and Joshua. These are the ones who get all the credit.

They are the ones who are recognized, but behind everyone of them, there is a Hur.

When the battle was over no-one ever said the battle was won by Hur or Aaron. But without Hur the war would have been lost! He didn’t shoot an arrow, yet the battle would have been lost if Hur had not been active. The job he performed was absolutely invaluable!

May I say that things haven’t changed? In the church, there are still found the Moses’, the Aaron’s and the Joshua’s. Behind everyone of those people, there are a few Hur’s.

No price could ever be placed on what men like Hur are worth to the church!


Hur wasn’t a giant leader like Moses. He wasn’t a great General like Joshua. He wasn’t a great High Priest like Aaron. He wasn’t a warrior like those in the army. He was just Hur.

He was a team player. He did that which nobody else would do.

He did things without having to be asked nor begged. He did things just because they were right. People like Hur just get involved. He did not disappear when the going got tough. He did not forsake Joshua in the valley. He did not fail Moses on the mountain.

Not everyone is called to lead in the church. Not everyone can sing solos or play an instrument. Not everyone is in the light.

However, we are all essential to the body of Christ!

Whatever Hur could do, he did it willingly, actively, and faithfully. He could hold up hands, and he did the best job he could!

Thank God for those people who know they can’t do everything, but they are determined to do something! There is always a place in the Lord’s work for people who want to be involved.

The world may never know your name —or even make fun of it.

This man Hur is not mentioned before this incident and rarely afterward. When he is mentioned, he is never mentioned first but always in connection with someone else.

I am thankful for those Hurs who stand in the shadows while others stand in the spotlight! I am so thankful for the Hurs who serve by supporting others.
After the battle, can you imagine the scene as Joshua he led the victorious Israelite army back into camp? I am sure there were congratulations all around, slaps on the back and shouts of “Way to go!” and “Good work, Joshua!” I can see the people as they received Moses back into the camp with shouts and expressions of gratitude. I can hear Aaron as he led the congregation in a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for giving them the victory. Then I can see a fellow named Hur as he walks wearily towards his tent to rest. No one pats him on the back; no one tells him that he did a good job. In fact, only a couple of people know what he did that day. To the people, he is invisible, but in his heart, he is overjoyed because he knows that what man does not know, God does!

While no one in camp is telling Hur that he did a great job that day, the Father in Heaven makes note of Hur’s sacrifice and whispers, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

There are some disadvantages to being like Hur. It is often a thankless task. People like Hur work and labor, and yet no one ever says, “Thank you!” It can be hard to keep serving the Lord when it seems that nobody appreciates what you are doing for Him. However, it is times like that which reveal our true motives. If we stop serving God because no one brags on us, then we were just in it for recognition. The Lord in Heaven is keeping a perfect record, and He will one day reward you for your labor.

I am persuaded that those who serve like Hur while here below will receive the greatest acclaim in Heaven.

If the Lord has called you to perform a quiet, godly ministry, rejoice in the call He has extended and let Him use your life as He sees fit!

When William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, felt the call of the Lord to go into the streets of London and begin ministering to the people of the street, he stood in a Methodist Conference meeting and requested permission from the presiding bishop to be released from his church to go into the streets and preach. The bishop heard the request and denied it telling Booth that they would not waste a man of his education and talent on the people of the streets. Upon hearing this, Booth sat down, resigned to defeat. His wife was seated in the balcony. She stood up and leaned over the rail. She called to her husband and told him to listen to God and not to man. She vowed to stand with her husband against every foe. She came down from the balcony. Booth took her by the arm, and they left the building to go into the streets to win people to Jesus Christ. He was ready to quit, but his wife, a lady who usually stayed in the background, stepped out of the shadow of her husband to hold up his arms at a critical time in his life!


See Exodus 24:14. Every time you find Hur mentioned he is connected with the cause of God.

It is easy to lose interest in that which you have nothing invested in.

Hur had invested in the work of God. His investment made dividends.

See Exodus 31:1-3.

HUR was not only a good father, but he was a great grandfather! He left his grandson a legacy.

His grandson made the things that in the temple that others never saw

Bezaleel must have watched as his grandfather served the Lord.

He probably remembered an evening when Hur returned from a hilltop, tired and drained from holding up the arms of Moses. While the rest of the camp was excited about the great victory that Joshua and Moses had worked, Bezaleel probably took note of the fact the it was his grandfather, a man who was willing to serve God in a quiet fashion that helped bring the great victory to pass.

You may not have a high profile position, but may I remind you others ware watching

Men, fathers, there are little ones who will see whether you are faithful or not. Wise is the person who recognizes that their life is an investment.


I am sure that there are some here who can relate to man named Hur. You are dedicated to the Lord, but you are never recognized for your contributions here in this life. What you do is often overlooked. However, God sees and is keeping the record.


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